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CHAT Pop-up Shop & Mending Station

Surrounding the theme of ‘Mending’, the moving suitcase is a mending station from outside and a mini shop from inside with the display of textile products designed and created by the collaborators of ‘CHAT Workshop Month’.

Inspired by the values of traditional Asian techniques to repair, CHAT offers tools and guides to encourage you to value your belongings by mending, and increase the quality and aesthetics of your torn or waste fabrics with embroidery methods.

Pop-up Schedule:

Date & Time Venue
7 July | 1-3pm Form Society
7 July | 5-7pm Caritas Bianchi College of Careers
14 July | 3-7pm Broadway Cinemateque
15 July | 2-5pm PMQ
19 July | 12:30-2:30pm UCV
21 July | 5-7pm The Alchemist (Kwai Tsing Theatre)
22 July | 5-7pm The Alchemist (Kwai Tsing Theatre)


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7 Jul 2018 – 22 Jul 2018



Special Arrangements

CHAT will close on 26 January – but opens to public for the rest of the week!⁣