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Current and Upcoming

Hau Tei Square by Michael Lin

17 Mar 20195 Nov 2023

Re-spinning the Yarn by MediaMonks

27 Jul 20193 Nov 2019

Welcome to the Spinning Factory!

28 Jul 20193 Nov 2019

N S Harsha: Gathering Delights

28 Jul 20193 Nov 2019

About Exhibitions

CHAT’s collection encompasses two fundamental categories: objects that witness the heritage and legacy of the local textile industry from 1940s onwards, as well as contemporary artworks by outstanding artists mainly from Asia Pacific region.

Permanent Exhibition
CHAT’s permanent exhibition at The D. H. Chen Foundation Gallery will present an interactive journey through Hong Kong’s textile industrial history, through various visual experience, hands-on experiential workshops and communication with CHAT team.

Seasonal Exhibitions
Anchoring to textile art and culture, CHAT strives to host distinctive and cross-disciplinary exhibitions to the general public, to explore new horizons of textile arts through three seasonal exhibitions every year.

Contemporary art exhibitions to challenge the conventional idea of textile art

Participatory exhibitions and programmes to invite local communities into artistic production

Exhibitions and discussion forums focusing on design and innovations in textile and fashion