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Jamming with Embroidery Techniques

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This embroidery jamming session is inspired by Fashion Clinic’s visit to Shobu Gakuen in Kagoshima, Japan, where they met with a group of embroidery artists with learning disabilities whose creativity went way beyond their imagination. In this freestyle embroidery session, Fashion Clinic will teach participants a few basic stitches like the feather stitch, French knot stitch and chain stitch, and participants will be stitching along to music. Participants are encouraged to bring along a preloved garment and refresh it during this embroidery jamming session.

*All other tools included.
Duration: 2 hours
Capacity: 8
Language: Cantonese/English
Suitable for participants aged 8 or above; participants aged 8-12 must be supervised by an adult participant

24 May 2019 – 25 May 2019




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