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CHAT Summer Programme 2019 Docent Tours

Feel like learning more on your visit to CHAT?

In line with CHAT’s visions for co-learning, we have designed a regular CHAT docent tour starting from 28 July, 2019 onwards. CHAT docents will guide you through the galleries, archival items and artworks. By choosing the tour you feel most interested in, we hope you will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of textile heritage and contemporary art.

These free-of-charge tours are conducted in Cantonese and English respectively. To optimise your visiting experience, every tour has a limited capacity of 15, on a first-come, first-served basis. Please register on-site 15 minutes before the tour begins. We offer two types of walk-in tours:

1. CHAT Highlights Tour Schedule

2. Special Exhibition Tour Schedule



2:30-5:30pm Thursdays to Sundays


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CHAT will close on 26 January – but opens to public for the rest of the week!⁣