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N S Harsha, Tamasha, 2013

Saturday School – N S Harsha and the Tamasha of History

Free Admission|RSVP

N S Harsha’s densely populated and patterned images often present open-ended stories that weave through the repository of India’s rich past and her complicated present. Understanding the specific roots of these stories is key to gaining greater insight into the cultural and artistic circumstances informing the artist’s visual engagements. By introducing visitors to some of the motifs, methods and materials employed by the artist, this talk considers the broad frames of India’s modern and contemporary art history and endeavours to explore how the works included in Gathering Delights may be characterised as a playful yet seriously minded celebration (or Tamasha) of India’s cultural and artistic heritage.

Capacity: 50
Language: English with simultaneous interpretation into Cantonese

4 Oct 2019 – 5 Oct 2019



CHAT Lounge

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Kathleen L Wyma

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