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MIKI HO, Social Camouflage, 2019

Social Camouflage: Create a Hong Kong Camouflage

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The term “camouflage” refers to a method of concealment through combining materials, colouration or illumination. It allows objects to be harder to spot or disguises it as something else entirely. This workshop aims to examine how people in Hong Kong camouflage themselves with current textile patterns and dress codes. Participants are encouraged to prepare in advance and bring a significant observation or discovery of Hong Kong to the workshop for discussion.

Social Camouflage will be led by the CHAT Exhibition and Learning Team in collaboration with Dr Ju-chen Chen, a Senior Lecturer from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong illustrator Miki Ho. Participants will learn to conduct research through collecting, analysing and visualising their own observations of camouflage in Hong Kong.

Capacity: 12
Age: 16 years old or above
Language: English/Cantonese
Free Admission



2:00 – 5:00pm


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About Artists

Miki Ho
Ju-chen Chen

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