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The video series ‘Makers of Hong Kong’ reflects on the displayed objects at The D. H. Chen Foundation Gallery

Makers of Hong Kong: In Conversation

‘Made in Hong Kong’ is a distinguishing emblem of quality and history that has carried different meanings over the generations past.

In the ‘Makers of Hong Kong: In Conversation’ video series, ‘makers’ of textiles from knotted fishnets to tailored saam fuare invited to share their making process, practice and their thoughts on the continued importance of ‘Made in Hong Kong’. Topics of discussion will reflect on the displayed objects of Textile for Food at The D. H. Chen Foundation Gallery.

Makers of Hong Kong: Shaping with Cloth

Guest Presenter Professor Siu Yan Ho speaks to Liu Chui Tong (Owner of Shun Hing Lung Kwai Kee Bean Products) and Fu Wing Cheung (Owner of Kwan Kee Store) to explore the history and use of textiles as tools for cooking.

Makers of Hong Kong: Culinary Style

Lisa Fong (culinary show writer and presenter) shares on her collection of aprons, exploring through them her experience in the television industry and her influence on the image of the modern housewife.

Makers of Hong Kong: Changing School Uniforms

Paul Lam and Peter Lam (Director and Managing Director of Kam Lun Tailors Limited) share on the conceptualisation, production and marketing of school uniforms, revealing the business’s unique position in between fashion and tailoring.

Makers of Hong Kong: Patching Denim Culture

Peter Wong and Ching Siu Wai (former Editor and Art Director of City Magazine) share their experience putting together the special denim issue of City Magazine in the 1990s. The two explore how denim has shaped the popular culture of Hong Kong, as well as the important role that their editorial practice played throughout the conception of the issue.

Makers of Hong Kong: Refashioning Chinese Garments

Siu Lan of the brand Tailor Made by Siu Lan share her experience of being a tailor since she was 23 years old, imbibing traditional Chinese patternmaking into modern, one-of-a-kind yet everyday garments.

Makers of Hong Kong: Knotting Fishing Nets

Sarah Yip and Rex Law of Eco Cheung Chau share their experiences conserving fishing traditions and other intangible heritages of Cheung Chau.


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