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Photo courtesy: Momentous Community of Creative Compassion

Sharing: Development of Hong Kong Agriculture and Empowerment Process of Farming

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Agricultural farming is closely linked to human development. Citizens from various countries around the globe are often proud of their ability to cultivate good quality produce. We have different types of food every day, but how much do we know about where they are produced and how they are processed?

Since the 1980s, local agricultural production in Hong Kong has been in decline. As today’s society moves further away in pursuit of ‘progress’, how do we maintain and further practice agricultural farming?

Through organising workshops and activities, Momentous Community of Creative Compassion strives to invite communities from various backgrounds to experience firsthand farming process. Apart from learning about the development of Hong Kong’s agricultural industry, the sharing will offer participants an opportunity to reflect on their own relationship with the natural world.

Krac-A-Dawna Organic Farm has been working with local collaborators in the planning and organisation of the above sharing.

Capacity: 40
Language: Cantonese








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