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Beely Daily

Beely Daily is a Hong Kong clothing brand focusing on natural fabrics, plant dyeing and daily wear. They want to make garments that can always be worn and last long and hope to bring better clothes with kindness to more people.

Simon Shen

Dr Simon Shen is an international relations scholar and start-upper originating from Hong Kong. Graduating from Yale University (BA/MA) and University of Oxford (PhD) in international relations, Simon has worked in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the University of Hong Kong as associate professor or adjunct associate professor, teaching courses on globalisation, Chinese foreign relations, external relations of Hong Kong, among others. He is also the […]

Toby Crispy

Co-founder of Fashion Clinic and founder of upcycling fashion label LastbutnotLeast, Toby Crispy has worked in different sectors in the fashion field ranging from magazine editor to designer. Prior to launching LastbutnotLeast, she worked as a design manager at French label Agnes b.. Since 2013, Toby has been focusing on educational services to redesign fashion pieces, textile art, running exhibitions, workshops and events with various fashion brands, corporate groups, shopping malls and green groups, in order to reconnect wearers with […]

Eliza Li

Born in New York from a family of Cantonese opera heritage and a graduate from Wellesley College, Li has been taught by numerous famed Cantonese opera performers. Since her debut as principal actress in Floral Princess (Youth Edition) 《帝女花》(青年版) in 2007, she has performed for the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Chinese Opera Festival, Macau Arts Festival as well as the benefit inaugural performance at Asia Society Hong Kong’s Miller Theatre. Her repertoire ranges from classics including Sworn in Grotto《打洞結拜》, June […]

Cheng Sau Wai Vennes

A scholar, researcher, writer, and independent curator based in Hong Kong. Cheng Sau Wai Vennes is currently a Ph.D. candidate of Art History of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Cheng’s research areas include Hong Kong art archive, archival art practices, and historical and mnemonic contingency. Cheng’s papers were selected to present in various academic conferences and workshops. Her articles on Hong Kong and Chinese contemporary art were published in Visual Art Archive in Asia, Yishu, Hong Kong Studies and […]

Beatrix Pang

Beatrix Pang is a visual artist and an independent publisher. They founded Small Tune Press, publishs and produces artists’ books and zines for Hong Kong art and cultural creatives. In addition, they are keen to plan and conduct various cultural exchanges and educational programmes. In recent years, Pang founded a zine collective ZINE COOP, to promote Hong Kong zine culture, and Queer Reads Library, a reading platform to create space for multi-gendered inclusivity and visibility.


THE TETORAPOTZ is a five-man band that was born of an art exhibition. They are active primarily in the context of art museums, art projects, and art-related events. All aspects of musical, visual, stage, and record production are handled by the band members themselves; all of whom are also active independently in the visual arts. Guitar & Vocals: Yasuhiko Hayashi (Paramodel) Bass & Vocals: Rintaro Hiramine (Mrs.Yuki) Guitar & Vocals: Tomomi Okubo (Mrs.Yuki) Drums: Izumi Kato Conch Shell Horn & […]

Samson Young

Born and living in Hong Kong, multi-disciplinary artist Samson Young was trained as a composer and graduated with a PhD in Music Composition from Princeton University in 2013. With an interest in the social, cultural and political dynamics of sound, Young investigates recurring topics related to identity, war and literature through cross-disciplinary works. He represented Hong Kong in a solo project at the Hong Kong Pavilion of the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017 and his works were presented in Performa […]

Kawita Vatanajyankur

Born in 1987 and currently living in Bangkok, Kawita Vatanajyankur’s works consist of performance and video works that represent her interest in the exploitation of labour in industries and consumerism. In her performance pieces, she uses her body as mechanical tools to evoke repetitive movements which rendered them machine-like. Her colourful video works which employ visual codes of commercial advertisement ironically present the covered realities of labourers’ severe conditions which are invisible when their products are in store. Since her […]

David Medalla

Born in Manila in 1942, David Medalla moved to New York at the age of 14. After studying Greek philosophy and ancient Greek drama at Columbia University, he began to commit in art making. Throughout his life, Medalla constantly moved and worked from city to city including Berlin, Edinburgh, New York, London and Paris. His work ranges from poetry to sculpture, kinetic art, painting, installation and performance. In 1994 he founded the Mondrian Fan Club in New York with Adam […]