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‘Factory of Tomorrow’ Community Embroidery Curtains

What is a ‘Factory of Tomorrow’ like in the eyes of primary school students? In CHAT Lounge, a set of embroidered curtains takes inspiration from the new motto as CHAT celebrates its 5th anniversary in March 2024.

Over the course of several months, hundreds of primary school students from the ‘333 Learning Companion Leadership Program’ supported by We R Family Foundation learned about CHAT and its history to create drawings and paper models of a ‘Factory of Tomorrow’. Several works were then selected by a panel of judges and transformed into digitally embroidered designs by Tajima Embroidery Machines Limited, resulting in this one-of-a-kind project that brings together art, industry and community.

Technical Sponsor: Tajima Embroidery Machines Limited
Community Partner: We R Family Foundation
With special thanks to Sudo Reiko and Ikko Yokoyama





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CHAT will be closed on 20 April (Saturday) for private event and will be reopened on 21 April. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.