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Past Events


In Transit Stamp-ede!


#CHATwithYou Online Programmes

Available from 31.10.2020

Making Thursdays: Meditative Heart Sutra Embroidery

(Except 18.02.2021)

Little Cotton Dreamer

28.01, 11.02, 25.02.2021

Cherry Machine Demonstration

17.04, 15.05, 19.06, 10.07.2021

Saori Weaving Demonstration

09.05 & 11.07.2021

Open Call for Come Closer Open Stage @ Tikar Emoji

18.07.2021 (Application deadline) 


CHAT's opening arrangement

As the black rainstorm warning has been cancelled, CHAT will reopen at 2:00pm. See you at our gallery and CHAT Shop! In the meantime, stay dry and stay safe!