Breakthrough Art Studio

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Cecilia Lai and Barnard Chan started working with the fibre arts and weaving from 2015. They co-founded Breakthrough Art Studio. Over the years, they have visited different villages in South East Asia to study various ancient weaving techniques. In addition to researching the weaving methods of various cultural and historical backgrounds, they have also rebuilt and explored different loom constructions and tools, including traditional backstrap loom, tablet loom, inkle loom, natural fibre weaving, frame loom and variations of the desktop and floor loom.

The two of them deliver their endeavours to the public in various ways. They are building a weaving tool collection and are conceiving comprehensive courses for the public to become acquainted with the art form. To promote the art and culture of weaving, they are often involved with the community by designing different activities such as performances, collective arts and exhibitions. At the same time, they enjoy responding to different social issues, including environmental protection, cultural preservation and community care.

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