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Installation view of ‘Textile for Food’

Textile for Food

The D. H. Chen Foundation Gallery pays homage to the textile industry in Hong Kong, and sheds light on its continued impact on all walks of life in the city and beyond. Celebrating the power of making, the 2021/22 edition of the Gallery’s display invites you to explore the diverse forms and functions of textiles in the city’s food culture.

What kinds of fabrics and textile objects are used in our cooking environment, and how are they used? How does the choice of materials and techniques affect the way food is prepared? What are some of the textiles and textile elements that were go unnoticed as we use them?

Through field research and interviews with food businesses, vendors, industry specialists and individuals, we discover a homegrown local ingenuity and resourcefulness that contribute to the exquisite quality of food, efficient services and heart-warming tastes we enjoy every day. Presenting food products, processes and presentation styles that are found in the city, the display explores how the materiality, usage and styling of textiles affect our cooking, viewing and eating experiences.

Curated by Sunnie Chan, Associate Curator, Exhibition
Conceived in collaboration with Edith Cheung




The D. H. Chen Foundation Gallery

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Lee Yuk Ki Florence

(In alphabetical order, by surname)
Shirley S. L. Chen, Tinny Cheng, Chong Yuk Sik, Chow Chang and Billy Chow, Chow Kee Sauces, Chun Jie Kitchen, The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage (CACHe), Lisa Fong and Bonita Fonda, Fu Wing Cheung, Kwan Kee Store, Hing Chuen Congee and Noodle Shop, Joyful Miniature Association (Vivian Lee and Ann Pang), KOKO Coffee Roasters, Kowloon Flour Mills, Lau Hung Kwan, Joe Lau, ABC Kitchen, Lee Yuen Dim Sum Restaurant, Leung Kwong Fuk, Leung Lam (Lam Kee Wires Fences), Man Shing Restaurant, Mingpao Weekly, The Nick DeWolf Foundation, On Tai Mini Workshop, Public Records Office, Government Records Service, Rainbow Café, Sell Son Don’t Touch Head, Shing Tak Lung, Shun Hing Kwai Kee Bean Products, Renee So (Kung Wo Beancurd Factory) and Wo Wing Shum

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