Artists: Saturday Class

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Ya-chu Kang

Kang Ya-chu is a Taipei-based artist. Her work explores issues of identity, the relationship between human and natural and the social environment through mix-media sculpture, site-specific installation, land art, video, drawing, photographs, textile research and collaboration. Deriving inspiration from travel experience and the rich weaving history of world, Kang’s work often reflects themes of boundary that relate to life and death, yin and yang, identity and camouflage, private and public, known and unknown, artificial and natural. The materials themselves have nostalgic senses and original meaning often hidden by their symbolism. Described as “simulation objects” the work eliminates the boundary between usable items and sculpture — the functional and the aesthetic. She works in a practical manner, progressing reactions to exteriors, often articulated through textile process. The processes include embracing accidents, mutations, and accretions of surface and detail with time, accepting nature will have its way, with unstable mediums such as plants, sun, salt and water, and considers the possibility of environmental sustainable development. Kang has exhibited internationally and has her publications include Textile Map, Volumes 1, 2 and 3. She also engages in fabric art education.