St. James’ Creation

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St. James’ Creation was founded in 1999, formerly a ceramics workshop in the Rehabilitation Services Centre. Their creative and teaching teams are largely made up of persons with disabilities. While clay had been a primary medium of creation, St James’ Creation also explore with fiber arts, visual arts and video media.

Through courses, exhibitions, lectures and workshops, St James’ Creation continuously sow seeds of happiness and instill self-confidence, strength as well as progressive changes with time. They have taken part in over 100 Hong Kong and overseas exhibitions viewed by more than 300,000 visitors. Since 2005, we have held over 10,000 art classes.

St. James’ Creation launched its SAORI weaving training course in 2011. In 2015, the SAORI concept expanded and the programme was renamed Fiber Art Creation. From weaving a piece of cloth on the loom we moved on to try out other craft techniques and more fiber materials, exposing the trainees of St James’ Creation to multi-faceted experience and wider array of creative formats.

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