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Online Patchwork

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Join us and learn how to repurpose fabric swatches to create your very own patchwork!

In 2016, CHAT’s Artist-in-Residence Taguchi Yukihiro developed his artwork Patch Pass – Umbrella, a piece that recycles umbrella fabrics to create a patchworked canopy, which is now part of this season’s exhibition Sight Unseen – Forking Paths in the CHAT Collection. Inspired by this work, this beginner level online stitching tutorial teaches participants the basics of patchworking.

CHAT’s experienced Textile Programmes team will guide this series of weekly online workshops which encourages participants to take part in a communal piece at the end of the season.

Zoom meeting ID will be shared with registered participants via a reminder email. Kindly download the Zoom app on your device prior to the start of the session.

Other materials to be prepared by participants: A pair of sharp scissors, pencils, a ruler, and any other fabric to include into the patchwork

Materials: Participants will receive a DIY material pack which includes pre-cut pieces of fabric, needles and thread 2-3 days before the workshop

Experience Level: Suitable for participants aged 8 or above. No previous experience needed.

27.08-24.09.2020 (Every Thursday)



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Special Closure Announcement

Due to the current situation and government regulations, CHAT will be closed starting from 3 December until further notice. CHAT Shop will remain open daily from 11:00am-7:00pm.

Please visit our website or social media platforms for the latest updates. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and we hope to welcome you back at CHAT soon!