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Participants wearing tailor-made outfits by Rebirth Garments at ‘WERQ: Embodying Queer Spirit’ Chances Dances Fashion Show at Gallery 400, Chicago.
Image courtesy: Kiam Marcelo Junio

Access Breach: Radical Visibility

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On 2 July, 2021, CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile) celebrates queer kin, crip cuties, babes of all shades with a fashion and pride programme!

Conceived by Taeyoon Choi, Artistic Director of CHAT’s Spring Programme 2021 Interweaving Poetic Code , with producer Suhyun Choi and featuring Rebirth Garments and friends, this celebration of futuristic fashion, pride beats, body positivity and rainbow colours aims to raise awareness around diversity, equality and inclusivity. We call attention to queer, disabled (including but not limited to physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, developmental or psychological, whether it is apparent or not), trans, non-binary and intersex friends of all sizes and ages.

This event is to celebrate you, to celebrate us, to tailor to your needs and desires to dream and embody our queer futurity together.

Tailor-made garments handmade by Rebirth Garments will be produced for participants from local communities, and an exhibition at the Eaton HK gallery Tomorrow Maybe will showcase portraits of the models donning their new shimmery garments with a documentation of the production process. 

This event is co-organised by CHAT and Eaton HK.




Start from 7:30pm


Eaton HK (380 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

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