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Artist and Curator-Led Tours: CHAT 5th Anniversary – Factory of Tomorrow

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Does heritage only serve to record a bygone era and feed the nostalgia of those living in changing times? How can we collectively learn from the past and forge a better future?

CHAT celebrates its 5th Anniversary with the group exhibition Factory of Tomorrow. Featuring CHAT’s own contemporary art collection and newly commissioned works, it endeavours to critically examine the past and evoke imagination for what is to come. Join our intimate and interactive tours led by the curators and artists of the exhibition. Conducted in small groups, these tours are the best way to ask questions about the ideas and concepts behind the exhibition and share your thoughts with the curators and artists in a friendly atmosphere.

Curator: Wang Weiwei
Artists: Maggie Chu, Kobayashi Yuki, Shao Chun

Curator: Takahashi Mizuki
Artists: Kimberly Chong, Fyerool Darma, Scarlett Yang

Language: English and Cantonese


Kimberly Chong
Maggie Chu
Fyerool Darma
Kobayashi Yuki
Shao Chun
Scarlett Yang


16.03.2024, 17.03.2024




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CHAT will be closed on 20 April (Saturday) for private event and will be reopened on 21 April. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.