Kwok Hang Lin (Auntie Hang)

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Kwok Hang Lin (Auntie Hang)

Kwok Hang Lin (Auntie Hang) worked as a sewing lady for 46 years. Her first job was working in an electronics factory when she was 11 years old. After working for a few months, her mother encouraged her to work at a garment factory instead. She excelled in using different types of sewing machines, and her years of experience enabled her to handle special designs and challenging requests with ease. She treated every production process as a learning opportunity, not only to accumulate experience, but also to refine her sewing techniques. In the 90s, when majority of the garment factories moved north to mainland China, she changed to wholesaling and provided alteration services to her customers. After retirement, she still enjoys designing and making different textile products and clothing every day. She feels incredibly grateful and finds great joy in seeing people who love and use her designs.

Auntie Hang is a member of the CHAT Sewing Team.

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