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The Gift You Cannot See: Family Creative Reading Workshop

Ticket $280|RSVP

When was the last time you made a gift by hand? Here’s a chance to make a thoughtful and unique DIY gift for your loved ones!

Plastic bottles come in all shapes and sizes, just like how we are born with different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. The Gift You Cannot See is Hong Kong’s first children’s book published with braille, professional audio navigation and tactile elements. In it, a little frog learns about its own strengths and surprises a farmer with a much longed-for gift! 

We invite participants to bring along a plastic bottle and turn it into a plant pot. This workshop is accompanied by a picture book reading session. To encourage sustainable living, each participant will be gifted mimosa pudica seeds that can be planted in the pot.

Experience level: Suitable for children aged 5-12, to be accompanied by one adult.
Materials needed: Participants should bring one plastic bottle. All other materials are provided.

Please refer to Special Arrangements for the latest access and entry requirements.


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