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Minimal Waste Jacket Making Workshop

Ticket $580 | RSVP

Ever dreamt of giving a second life to your preloved textiles and making your own clothes? In this workshop, learn basic pattern-making techniques inspired by handwoven heritage textile tubu  to make a minimal waste jacket. Borrowing from ancient traditions of zero-waste garments in Asia, minimal waste pattern-making techniques can be easily adapted to reflect your creativity and fashion flair.

During the workshop, participants will learn to cut and sew a jacket using heavyweight cotton denim and tubu (Shanghai heritage cotton fabric) to make a bespoke garment steeped in textile history.

The workshop was developed with craft duo Breakthrough Arts Studio as part of the Seed to Textile exhibition in Winter 2022 and reflects their interest in sustainable textile practices and heritage textile-making.

Experience level: Suitable for participants aged 16 or above. This activity is better suited for participants with some sewing experience but welcomes beginners as well.

Materials needed: All materials provided

Language: Cantonese and English

Fee (applicable for a single registration):
HK$580 per head
8% off for 2-4 persons joining together

Please refer to Special Arrangements for the latest access and entry requirements.


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Special Arrangements

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