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Handmade fishnets and circular knitted t-shirts are ‘made in Hong Kong’ through to this day

Makers of Hong Kong: A Monthly Sharing

Engage in a conversation with a textile expert and leave with a renewed perspective on the making and makers of Hong Kong! The one-hour session will be conducted through Facebook live and will include a Q&A session.

‘Made in Hong Kong’ is a distinguishing emblem of quality and history that has carried different meanings over the generations. A turnover of display in The D. H. Chen Foundation Gallery will examine 9 items and processes that are ‘Made in Hong Kong’, ranging from cotton knitwear to the historical weaving of fishnets.

For the timing and details of the scheduled sessions, please visit our CHAT Facebook page in mid-August:

29 August, 2020: Edith Cheung, textile specialist and CHAT advisor, will discuss the curation of the renewed display in The D. H. Chen Foundation Gallery.

26 September, 2020: Robert Tam and Alicia Tam of Chun Au Knitting Factory Limited will share their family legacy in knitting and their famous knitwear brand ‘Chicks’.

11 October, 2020: Sarah Yip and Rex Law of ECO Cheung Chau will share their experiences conserving fishing traditions and the intangible heritage of Cheung Chau.



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