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Participants applying audio description skills in a practical session outside the classroom (reference image).
Image courtesy: Audio Description Association (Hong Kong)

Art Beyond Sight: Audio Description Art Experience

Ticket $120 | RSVP

Audio description is an effective communication tool for visually impaired people to receive visual information. How can we increase the accessibility of visual images and interpret visual art through audio interpretation and imagination? Join us in the exploration of art appreciation through listening.

In this experiential workshop, participants will encounter and experience an audio-based artwork in a blindfolded format. Through the experience, we invite participants to challenge and expand their imagination through listening, an alternative way of art appreciation. This will be followed by a sharing session, which will examine and discuss the development of audio description services in Hong Kong and how it can be applied to artwork interpretation, while participants will also learn about the basic theories and techniques of audio description. 

Experience level: Suitable for participants aged 8 or above; participants aged 8 to 12 are recommended to be accompanied by an adult

Language: The featured video-based artwork is in Putonghua, while the sharing session and workshop will be conducted in Cantonese

Please refer to the Special Visitors’ Notes for the latest access and entry requirements.


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