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Photographs of Rebecca Pan with her close friends such as Lydia Shum, Roman Tam, Chow Yun Fat, Brigitte Lin, Leslie Cheung, Bruce Lee and Karena Lam.

I Have No Hatred, I Only Have Love: Rebecca Pan as Companion and Maverick

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Rebecca Pan has a wide circle of friends and acquaintances that transcend different cultures, backgrounds and generations. Besides her friendships with many well-regarded cultural talents that blossomed from the production of Pai Niang Niang , she often hosts banquets with Shanghainese cuisine at home that have inspired fruitful conversations with many succeeding generations.

This sharing on the occasion of the exhibition With the Sun, She Quells the Night – A Tribute to Rebecca Pan invites two regular guests at Rebecca’s banquets, Professor Donna Chu and Dr Angela Law to share their intriguing friendship and lesser-known stories about Rebecca as a genuine and generous companion, along with her maverick persona that sparked multidimensional transformations of women’s roles and identities in Hong Kong.

Language: Cantonese


Donna Chu
Angela Law Tsin Fung
Eugenia Law Pik Yu 






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