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Works by Aziz + Cucher
Exhibition view: Sight Unseen – Forking Paths in the CHAT Collection, CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile), Hong Kong, 2020

CHAT with Artist: Aziz + Cucher

Aziz + Cucher are known for incorporating various art mediums into their interdisciplinary work. How does the duo explore the increasingly undefined and fluid boundaries of identity, globalisation and the post-human condition?

In this curated artist talk, Anthony Aziz and Sammy Cucher shares their creative process in general and their works displayed in CHAT’s Summer Programme 2020 Sight Unseen – Forking Paths in CHAT Collection. The artist duo will dive into their practice of using computer generated data, which converted pixels into textile patterns and images to explore conflicts and issues that arise at the intersections between society, nature and technology.

The artist talk is conducted in English, accompanied by bilingual (English and Chinese) subtitles.


Aziz + Cucher


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