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Cherry Machine Demonstration

Let’s witness Hong Kong’s only operating drawing frame machine in action at CHAT! 

Leung Fung Yee (Auntie Yee) worked as an experienced machine operator who operated spinning machines at different cotton mills, including Nan Fung Textile, from 1980s to 1990s. She is now retired but she comes to CHAT to make the ‘Cherry’ drawing frame come alive again! Performing one of the essential processes in the spinning production, this drawing frame is donated by the last cotton-spinning mill in Hong Kong, Tai Hing Cotton Mills Ltd. The demonstration is free and open to the public at The D. H. Chen Foundation Gallery.

Come and learn about what the huge machine can do and have a chat with Auntie Yee!




1:30-1:45pm, 3:30-3:45pm, 5:30-5:45pm


The D.H. Chen Foundation Gallery

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Special Arrangement

CHAT will be closed on 20 April (Saturday) for private event and will be reopened on 21 April. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.