Takahashi Mizuki

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Takahashi Mizuki

Takahashi Mizuki is the current Executive Director and Chief Curator of Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile. She completed MA History of Art from both Waseda University, Tokyo and The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

After serving as a founding curatorial member at Mori Art Museum in Tokyo from 1999-2003, Takahashi worked as senior curator at Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito and realised numerous transdisciplinary exhibitions addressing various artistic forms including manga, film, fashion, architecture, performance and contemporary art.

Her curated exhibitions in and outside Japan include Eight Days: Beuys in Japan (2009); Quiet Attentions: Departure from Women (2011); You reach out – right now – for something: Questioning the Concept of Fashion (2013) and MILL6 Foundation Fall Programmes: TECHSTYLE Series 1.0 – Ariadne’s Thread (2016), Spring Programme: Line of Time (2017) and Spring Programme: (In)tangible Reminiscence (2018); Unfolding: Fabric of Our Life (2019); N S Harsha: Gathering Delights (2019); Sudo Reiko: Making NUNO Textiles  (2019); and Unconstrained Textiles: Stitching Methods, Crossing Ideas  (2020).

Takahashi was a research fellow at Central Saint Martins, The University of the Arts London from 2015 to 2016. She curates, writes and gives lectures extensively in Asia and Europe.

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