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Document TECHSTYLE Series 1.0: Ariadne’s Thread

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Document TECHSTYLE Series 1.0: Ariadne’s Thread

Capturing the essence of the inaugural TECHSTYLE Series 1.0: Ariadne’s Thread, the book consists of two parts, 1.1 Video Art Exhibition and 1.2 Discussion Forum. Showcasing the works by 9 female artists, the Video Art Exhibition challenges the conventional and biased idea of the female being a passive user of technologies. The Discussion Forum invited 12 academics, curators and practitioners in textile and related fields to exchange their ideas about technology, women’s role, ethics, ecology, sustainability, aesthetic and economy that textile culture and industry have been confronted by for many years.

Featured artists include Dara Birnbaum, Cao Fei, Ji Hye Yeom, Vvzela Kook, Rachel Maclean, Natacha Nisic, Sputniko !, Tina Havelock Stevens and Magdalen Wong.
Essays were contributed by Anne Marr, Edith Cheung, Edwin Keh, Francesca Bray, Ingrid Chu, Janis Jefferies, Kinor Jiang, Liu Xiao, Pamela Parmal, Sudo Reiko, Takahashi Mizuki, and Wessie Ling.

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