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Re-spinning The Yarn

Re-spinning the Yarn by MediaMonks

Tickets: $15 per person
On-site registration

As the last cotton-spinning mills in Hong Kong vanishes, what would it be like to experience a re-created textile mill in virtual reality?

Following an unlikely hero, the cotton flower, on its journey from origins in foreign plantations to Hong Kong and into the busy production lines within Mill 6 during the height of textile production, Re-spinning The Yarn introduces visitors to the umbilical connection between CHAT and its industrial past, and transports visitors to the heyday of the cotton-spinning industry of Hong Kong.

Visitors will be seated at reimagined cotton spinning machines, where physical interactions with machinery controls advance the storyline and merge their senses between the tactile world and the virtual world created by MediaMonks and CHAT.

Exhibition Re-spinning the Yarn by MediaMonks will continue to be open from now until Monday 8 July, 2019 from 11:00am-7:00pm (closed on Tuesdays). CHAT will close from 9 July to 26 July, 2019 and will reopen on Saturday 27 July, 2019 for its Summer Programme.


17 Mar 2019 – 8 Jul 2019

11:00am – 7:00pm
Closed on Tuesdays



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