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Kingsley Ng, 33.8 Hz, 2024 (Video still)

Kingsley Ng: Listen to the Sound of the Earth Spinning

Media artist Kingsley Ng interprets the history and characteristics of his exhibition sites, creating contemplative, meditative experiences through poetic and minimalist interventions that involve sound, light, image and kinetic installations. Theatrical or ephemeral in nature, his works are completed through the audience’s interactions, such as touching and even meditating within the artwork’s space while recalling the memory embedded in the venue.

In this exhibition, Listen to the Sound of the Earth Spinning, Ng draws on the textile heritage and new meanings tied to The Mills, where CHAT is housed. The Mills, once the spinning factory complex of Nan Fung Textiles, is now known as a pet-friendly cultural hub. In the newly commissioned artwork Globes, Ng uses textile materials and tools to evoke imagination about the Earth that transcends anthropocentrism through the presence of animal companions.

‘Musical’, ‘chime’, ‘requiem’, ‘etudes’ – these words in the titles of Ng’s past works reflect the importance of listening in his practice. The process of listening not only evokes emotion but also invites attention to the vulnerable entities around us which are often muffled by loud noises. Here at CHAT, Ng immerses us in a soundscape where we can listen to the spinning of the threads of life by humans and animals and the weaving of the fabric of this planet.


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