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Taeyoon Choi, Distributed Web of Care @CHAT, 2021
Courtesy of the artist

Interweaving Poetic Code

Taeyoon Choi, the Artistic Director of Interweaving Poetic Code , is a renowned educator, writer, artist and activist. Through his multifaceted practices of computation, he critically examines the codes of conduct of operation and the coded system embedded in the technology surrounding us whilst exploring alternative ways of shaping an inclusive society with the idea of care.

Even though Choi’s past practices have not directly engaged with textile(s), CHAT, as an art centre of textile industrial heritage, invited him because of the irrefutable linkage between textile technology and computation, in particular, coding. In Interweaving Poetic Code , however, Choi’s focus extends especially to the works by artists who incorporate the coding system into textile(s) and clothing for care, inclusivity, open dialogue and unlearning.

In this Spring Programme, a series of Choi’s multiple practices, ranging from texts to textual drawings, paintings, documentation of his past performance pieces and his first knit piece, is exhibited along with diverse works by his associates for explorative journey of coding in textile(s).

CHAT has also called for participants to commission customised garments from Rebirth Garments. Choi has conducted coding workshops with the students of the Ebenezer School for the Visually Impaired, and the programmed codes generated from the workshops have been translated into textile patterns and turned into CHAT Originals products for the CHAT Shop. A part of the product’s proceeds will be given back to the Ebenezer School.

International discussion forums, performances and workshops are also planned in conjunction with Interweaving Poetic Code  to activate the synergy of computation and textile(s) and its possibility for care. We hope this exhibition and related events will enrich our positive imagination of computation and textile(s).

Artistic Director: Taeyoon Choi
Curator: Takahashi Mizuki
Aarati Akkapeddi
Andreas Angelidakis
Laura Devendorf
Christine Sun Kim
Amor Munoz
Rebirth Garments



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