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Interactive Experience : Illumin-Loom

Operate a weaving loom from the future and create your own illuminated textile images in CHAT Arcade! Illumin-Loom is a walk-in interactive experience where visitors can design unique patterns on colourful light strips. The finished creation will be exported as a digital image to download.

The light strips of Illumin-Loom simulate the threads in a fabric while alluding to the historical relationship between digital computation and textile technology. Additionally, the library of contemporary motifs and background patterns is inspired by Hong Kong’s textile heritage, paying homage to the history of The Mills as a former spinning factory.

Installation, graphic and game design: pill & pillow and HATO




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Special Arrangement

New exhibitions in the making!

CHAT is temporarily closed from 14.02.2024 – 01.03.2024 for the changeover.

CHAT Shop will remain open during the period. Please come visit us.
Shop G01A, The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong⁠