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Artists:Absolute Blue: BUAISOU Works with Japanese Natural Indigo

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Sudō Reiko

Sudō Reiko is the design director of internationally renowned Nuno Corporation in Tokyo. Experimenting with various materials from silk to metal, she has been concerned with the recycling and upcycling of textiles and the environmental effect of textile production.

Photo: Tamura Kosuke


BUAISOU was founded in 2015 in Kamiita-cho, Tokushima prefecture, a place known for traditional Japanese indigo dye. From farming ai (Japanese natural indigo), to fermenting sukumo (dye) and dyeing, BUAISOU have conducted diverse practices using Japanese natural indigo dye, dyeing not only yarn and fabric but also furniture with hard materials. From the very beginning of their establishment, they have been making their original workers’ clothing line. In 2018, they were able to realise their dream of making hand-dyed indigo jeans.

Image courtesy: BUAISOU; Photo: Nishimoto Kyoko


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