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Artist:Introduction to Sign Language in Hong Kong and East Asia

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Brainfood was co-founded by Aaron Wong (MA in Linguistics) and Cat H. M. Fung (MPhil in Linguistics, MA in Interpretation) in summer 2018. Sign language, as a visual language, serves as one of the brain foods which stimulates how we navigate our daily lives through sight. Brainfood also serves as a hub to promote Deaf awareness and sign language as a human right. 

Born to Deaf parents, Wong as a Deaf lecturer has been advocating for his own rights through hiring and empowering other Deaf teachers at Brainfood to promote sign language and Deaf culture. Allying herself with the Deaf community, Fung as a sign language interpreter also teaches at different local universities and advocates for local minorities.  

Image courtesy:Brainfood


CHAT's special arrangement

Due to adverse weather conditions in Hong Kong, the sessions of Following Traces forum on 12 October has been rescheduled to next Tuesday 19 October. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.