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Story of Colour Blue: Family Creative Artmaking Workshop

Ticket $280 | RSVP

Indigo dye has a long history in development. Through this storytelling and artmaking workshop, we invite parents and children to appreciate the beauty of blue from a new angle and learn more about the human–nature relationship.

First, through the children picture book Blue , children will learn how to strike a harmonious balance between human and nature and explore our connections with mother nature through their own garments.

Next, we will invite participants to create a scarecrow pencil with fabric scraps sourced from recycled denim. Scarecrows are used around the world by farmers as a symbol of protecting farmland. The workshop aims to promote the importance of nature to mankind and nurture children to be a responsible ambassador to our environment.

Lastly, participants will learn to create a unique pencil case with a recycled bottle and enjoy reading with their handmade stationery. Children can put their scarecrow pencil, complimentary bookmarks and stickers in their pencil case after the workshop.

Experience level: Suitable for children aged 5-12, to be accompanied by one adult

Material needed: Participants need to prepare a cleaned plastic bottle in any size, colour or shape (one bottle per one participating family).

Language: Cantonese

Please refer to Special Arrangements for the latest access and entry requirements.


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Due to adverse and unstable weather conditions, CHAT and CHAT Shop will be closed at 12:00pm today. Thank you for your understanding.