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Co-Learn Past Events 2020

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Past Events


Wavy Weaving Wall Workshop

Opens from 02.12.2018

Open Studio: Mini Koinobori


Wavy Weaving Wall Workshop

21.05-26.07.2020 Closed on Tuesdays

CHAT with Artist: Bi Rongrong

Available from 22.04.2020

Memory of Skin: Body as Artistic Medium

Available from 13.05.2020

CHAT with Artist: Samson Young

Available from 24.04.2020

A Stitch in Time


Stitch in {your own} time

18.06, 25.06, 02.07, 09.07.2020



CHAT with Artist: Kato Izumi

Available from 12.06.2020


15.08-11.10.2020 (Closed on Tuesdays)

Online Patchwork

27.08-24.09.2020 (Every Thursday)

Docent Practice: Reading Sight Unseen

Available from 11.09.2020

CHAT with Artist: Aziz + Cucher

Available from 30.09.2020

Felt Like Reading


15 Days of Garment Making

Available from 30.09.2020


CHAT's opening arrangement

As the black rainstorm warning has been cancelled, CHAT will reopen at 2:00pm. See you at our gallery and CHAT Shop! In the meantime, stay dry and stay safe!