Co-Learn Past Events 2020

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Past Events


Wavy Weaving Wall Workshop

Opens from 02.12.2018

Open Studio: Mini Koinobori

11 Dec 201920 Feb 2020

Final Call! Making with Nuno Textiles

15 Feb 202016 Feb 2020

Making Your Own Mini Koinobori

15 Feb 202016 Feb 2020

Wavy Weaving Wall Workshop

21.05-26.07.2020 Closed on Tuesdays

CHAT with Artist: Bi Rongrong

Available from 22.04.2020

Memory of Skin: Body as Artistic Medium

Available from 13.05.2020

CHAT with Artist: Samson Young

Available from 24.04.2020

A Stitch in Time


Stitch in {your own} time

18.06, 25.06, 02.07, 09.07.2020



CHAT with Artist: Kato Izumi

Available from 12.06.2020


15.08-11.10.2020 (Closed on Tuesdays)

Online Patchwork

27.08-24.09.2020 (Every Thursday)

Docent Practice: Reading Sight Unseen

Available from 11.09.2020

CHAT with Artist: Aziz + Cucher

Available from 30.09.2020

Felt Like Reading


15 Days of Garment Making

Available from 30.09.2020


Special Opening Announcement

CHAT will be closed on 30 April (Friday) in preparation for our exciting new season. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused!