Artist:How Are Our Daily Cotton Items Made?

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Edith Cheung

Edith Cheung juggles her time between commercial and self-initiated projects as a textile catalyst. She takes interest in all textile-related matters, ancient and modern, East and West. After returning to Hong Kong from New York and Europe in the late 1980s, she started working as a costume designer in the film industry. At the 27th Golden Horse Award, Cheung was awarded Best Costume Design and Best Art Direction for her work in Director Yim Ho’s Red Dust.
She has worked with private collections, museums and academics on the study of textiles and costumes, with the goal of sharing textile culture with the public. Between 2010 and 2015, she also wrote for a column in Ming Pao Weekly Magazine on matters related to textiles. Currently, her services include consultation work for the Fashion Archive at Hong Kong Design Institute, China National Silk Museum in Hangzhou, Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile in Hong Kong and St. James Settlement Rehabilitation Services.

Albert Chan

Mr Albert Chan is an experienced textile specialist with a long history of working in the textile industry. With a deep knowledge of materials, yarns, fabrics and traditional and digital printing, he is an active researcher on textile materials and fashion trends, as well as on innovative materials and finish treatments.
He is currently an Advisor to the Mill 6 Foundation Limited and a business consultant of the ADAM Arts Creations Limited, a social enterprise established by Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong, which creates job opportunities and advocates for better welfare for local artists with disabilities.

With his expertise in the textile industry, he offers support to CHAT in multiple ways, from liaising with textile practitioners and specialists, to researching for the Mill 6 collection archive, programmes and exhibitions.